Saheela Ibraheem, 19 Year Old Nigerian Makes ‘World’s 50 smartest teenagers’ list

On February 26, 2015, President Obama & Michelle Obama hosted a special reception at the White House to recognize Saheela Ibraheem along with 49 others for their outstanding academic achievements and for making the ‘World’s 50 smartest teenagers’ list. The list of attendees included Nancy Pelosi, members of the US Congress and members of the congressional Black Caucus.

Nigerian born, New Jersey native Saheela Ibraheem was admitted to Harvard at the age of 15. She is currently studying Neurobiology with hopes of becoming a scientist and will graduate this May. She made history by becoming one of the youngest students to ever attend the prestigious university, and is now listed as ’50 World’s Smartest Teenagers’.

In a statement by President Obama

“There are a lot of teenagers in the world. Saheela is like one of the 50 smartest ones. That’s pretty smart. And she’s a wonderful young lady. She’s like the State Department and the National Institute of Health all rolled into one. And we are so proud of your accomplishments and all that lies ahead of you. And you reflect our history. Young people like you inspire our future.”


Interesting Facts About Saheela:
She received a perfect 800 score on the Mathematics section of the SAT
She speaks Yoruba, Arabic, Spanish and Latin
Wanted to be a brain scientist at the age of 5
Plays the trombone & sings in the choir
Plays softball and football

The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers List

1. Jack Andraka, 16, Maryland, USA
2. Jacob Barnett, 14, Indiana, USA
3. Marian Bechtel, 18, Pennsylvania, USA
4. Shree Bose, 18, Texas, USA
5. Phoebe Cai, 15, Pennsylvania, USA
6. Marko Calasan, 14, Macedonia
7. Colin Carlson, 16, California, USA
8. Moshe Kai Cavalin, 15, California, USA
9. Ainan Celeste Cawley, 13, Singapore
10. Sitan “Stan” Chen, 17, Georgia, USA
11. Nick D’Aloisio, 17, United Kingdom
12. Eric Delgado, 18, New Jersey, USA
13. Kathryn DiMaria, 14, Michigan, USA
14. Kelvin Doe, 16, Sierra Leone
15. Tim Doner, 17, New York, USA
16. Santiago Gonzalez, 14, Colorado, USA
17. Nolan Gould, 14, California, USA
18. Hou Yifan, 19, China
19. Adam Holland, 17, Washington, DC, USA
20. Joey Hudy, 16, Arizona, USA
21 Saheela Ibraheem, 16, New Jersey, USA
22. Isha Jain, 17, Pennsylvania, USA
23. Erin King, 19, Georgia, USA
24. Talia Leman, 17, Iowa, USA
25. Jason Li, 15, California, USA
26. Lauren Marbe, 16, United Kingdom
27. Dalumuzi Mhlanga, 20, Zimbabwe
28. Neha Ramu, 13, United Kingdom
29. Shouryya Ray, 17, Germany
30. Gabriel See, 15, Washington, USA
31. Nur Muhammad Shafiullah, 17, Bangladesh
32. Kensen Shi, 17, Texas, USA
33. Raghav Sood, 15, India
34. Stephen R. Stafford II, 16, Georgia, USA
35. Marissa Stephens, 16, Indiana, USA
36. Lawrence Sun, 16, Oregon, USA
37. Andrey Sushko, 18, Washington, USA
38. Adora Lily Svitak, 16, Washington, USA
39. Achille Tenkiang, 17, Delaware, USA
40. Dylan Toh, 13, Singapore
41. Nithin Tumma, 18, Michigan, USA
42. Sarah Volz, 17, Colorado, USA
43. Ari Weinstein, 18, Pennsylvania, USA
44. Brittany Wenger, 18, Florida, USA
45. Taylor Wilson, 19, Nevada, USA
46. Farrell Wu, 13, Philippine
47-49. The Yip Kids: Bryan, 20; Michelle, 18; and Anthony, 10; Singapore
50. Angela Zhang, 16, California, USA

NYPF: Towards A More Perfect Union: 2015 Elections & The Future of Nigerian Democracy

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NYPF USA and the Wagner Students Alliance for Africa hosted a thought provoking discussion about the future of Nigerian democracy on Friday, February 13th 2015.”16 years into its democratic experiment, is Nigeria building towards a more perfect union? is she building towards a more sustainable union? was the 1914 amalgamation a mistake? what ever happened to the lofty idea of nation building? what are the solutions to the mistake made by the founding fathers?”

The panel included:

Uchenna Ekwo, (Ph.D)
President, Center for Media & Peace Initiatives Inc
Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University

Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri, (VIO)
Founder and Executive Director of Spaces for Change
Post-Graduate Studies in Harvard University

Abbey Wemimo
Founder & CEO, Clean Water for Everyone
New York University’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service

Wande Agunloye
Nigerian Political Analyst & Campaign Adviser
CEO of Agunloye Development and Construction LLC

NYPF USA Inc, is a non partisan non governmental organization that provides a platform for the development of young professionals by providing career enhancement through quality education programs, national and global networking and leadership opportunities.

Click here to learn more about NYPF.

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