Duncan Mighty Gives Back To His Hometown

Duncan MightyMulti-award winning singer, writer, producer and humanitarian, Duncan Mighty invited women from his community to celebrate a festival, and gave cows, rice and many more to the women in the community. This is a prime example of paying it forward. It’s great to see an artist, doing something to put smiles on the faces of the less fortunate. Check out the first hand account from a grateful recipient. God bless you Duncan Mighty!

Casting Call “DeScript” | New York, NY | Dependable Pictures

DeScript Casting Call Flyer, Dependable Pictures Production

Dependable Pictures Production

“DeScript,” an independent web series about Meena, her betrothed Nelson and her sister Jenny as they try to navigate the waters as new comers in the movie industry with a killer script and zero experience. DeScript is produced by Chris Attoh, Adames James, Amina Iduma, and Nkechinyere Urum-Eke & directed by Chris Attoh and Amina Iduma.

(Meena) (GENDER: FEMALE) (AGE: 25-30)
African American/African– Cut off from her dad’s finances, Meena succeeds in writing a masterpiece script. Getting the movie produced has become her new obsession, and unwilling to sell with no experience of filmmaking, she embarks on raising the funds for the project with her fiancé and sister in tow. Will her relationship become stronger or will they ruin her chances of making it?

(Nelson) (MALE) (AGE: 29-35)
African– Nelson, the handsome comedic charmer is Meena’s best friend and confidante. While he helps her to accomplish her dreams, will their relationship become more serious than he hoped?

(BORGESE) (MALE) (AGE: 45-50)
Caucasian– An illegal Businessman who sees the potential in Meena’s script. Refined and intimidating, authoritative with a slight Italian accent, will he help Rachel make it or does she have to run from him?

(JOHN) (MALE) (AGE: 30-35)
Caucasian– The confident artistic eccentric director with long hair

(ROBERT) (MALE) (AGE: 30-35)
Caucasian– The controlling manager who has his eyes set on making money

(ERNEST) (MALE) (AGE: 20-35)
African American/African — The young entrepreneur

African American/ African– A sexy girl who has her sights set on Nelson

Production Title: DeScript
Union/Non-Union: Non-union
Production Type: Independent
Project Length: Web Series (15 minutes each episode)
Project Format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: Friday, June 24th 2014
Production location: NYC
Production Company: Dependable Pictures Production
Company website: www.dependable pictures.com
Directors: Amina Iduma, Chris Attoh
Producers: Chris Attoh, Adames James, Amina Iduma, Nkechinyere Urum-Eke
Casting Director: Nkechinyere Urum-eke
AUDITION DATE: Sunday, July 6th 2014 5:30pm– 9pm
LOCATION: 259 west 49th street( between 7th & 8th ave) New York, NY
Compensation: Yes
For more info email dependable.pictures@gmail.com