The King Is Back– M.I Abaga Returns With New Single, ‘King James’

Screen-Shot-2014-08-21-at-4.35.58-PM.png-905x509They say he is back…the king is back. No, not the king of kings (Jesus) that’s the guy I worship. I’m talking about the king of rap, the messiah of rap, the one “whom all you rappers worship” haha. M.I Abaga…Mr. Incredible, the lyrical genius is back with a new single titled King James. The punch lines are sickkkkk…this guy eh…just click play and listen for yourself.


New Music- Faze| Your Daughter

Faze-Your-DaughterHe’s been out of the radar for a while, but Faze is back with a new single titled “Your Daughter”. This catchy tune is about “Your Daughter” well not yours…maybe yours, I don’t know…someone’s daughter. It’s danceable…I like it! According to the singer, the video is set to be released this week and it is “Crazyyyyyy”. We’ll be the judge of that. In the meantime, Listen, download and enjoy!


Ebola- What You Are Not Being Told

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, there’s an extremely deadly outbreak in full swing right now in West Africa. Her name is Ebola, and she’s made her way to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and now Nigeria. I’m sure you’ve heard of her thanks to social media, but you’ve perhaps chosen to ignore it. After all it doesn’t concern you, so why should you care right? Or perhaps you are thinking “well it’s another one of those diseases in Africa, it will never make its way here. I’m safe…we are safe.” But are we really? Ebola has already claimed the lives of 1,060 people and infected over 1,975 including a very knowledgable doctor with the most advanced protection. If he contracted this virus, what’s to keep us from contracting it? The media has been reporting that the virus can only be contacted via bodily fluids, but obviously there is more than one way to contract it. Watch this SGC News report and see what else you are not being told about this Virulent disease.

Uche Jombo Gets Twitter Verification; Becomes 3rd Nollywood Actress to get verified

20140812-150432-54272809.jpgUche Jombo- Rodriguez, talented Nollywood Actress, Producer, & Writer becomes the 3rd Nollywood actress to get verified on Twitter after Genevieve and Omotola.

Her authenticated account @UcheJombo now carries the prestigious blue icon to distinguish it from parody accounts. This puts her in the league of extraordinary individuals, as if she wasn’t already:) As of current, the celebrated starlet has almost 304,000 followers. Way to go, we are proud of ya!



DJ Ecool Presents Mega Summer Jamz [Mixtape]

dj ecool mixtape

DJ Ecool teams up with African Comedian Oluwakaponeski to bring this banging “Mega Summer Jamz” mixtape featuring heavy AfroBeat songs from Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, & Uganda. OluwaKaponeski’s comedic skits at the beginning and middle of the mixtape will have you on the floor rolling with laugher, and DJ ECool’s mix will have you back on your feet dancing for hours! Oya get ready to dance and laugh simultaneously!